The American Women's

Club of Brussels

 Who are we? AWCB is an organization of like-minded women from around the world, who have made their home in the Brussels Region and seek to make purposeful connections with each other while providing philanthropic support to both local and global charities. On April 5, 1949, the American Women’s Club of Brussels, an asbl/vzw non-profit organization was founded by 36 American women. We have evolved to include both men and women of any nationality  who share  the American spirit.

 What do we do?  

We empower and support new, established, and alumni Expat women by providing them with:

  • Create a welcoming and supportive community where members and their families share interest in American Culture and the English language.
  • Provide social, cultural and philanthropic activities to help our members and their families achieve their fullest potential.
  • Encourage an awareness and understanding of Belgian culture.

Our Heart

Philanthropy is the core of American Women’s Club of Brussels. Humanitarian Outreach Program and Events (HOPE) is one of the founding pillars of the AWCB, committed to make a difference by offering members meaningful service opportunities in the local community. 

 Our Future Our long-term goals are to continue empowering and supporting International Expat community who reside in the Brussels Region. As our club continues to change we hope to  meet the needs of the majority of our local membership community.

Member Benefits

We are glad you are here. Whether it's the first stop along your expat journey or you have become a seasoned traveler, we are so happy to have you join us.

American Exposure: Most of our events are for members only. We celebrate American holidays, host speakers, and have a wide variety of other offerings for members and their families.

Connected Friendships: You are instantly connected to a larger group of women brought together through our adventures of living abroad.

Additional Benefits: The AWCB is proud to be a member of the Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas (FAWCO), an international network of 64 clubs in 34 countries around the world. Each member of a FAWCO member club is automatically a member of FAWCO and is eligible to serve on committees, participate in conferences and meetings, and take part in activities. 

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Club of Brussels

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